The FWAM staff attended a rally/press conference for the Amazon Labor Union in Phoenix, Arizona. The conference took place at the Phoenix National Labor Relations Board office (NLRB) where Amazon’s election objections hearing is being held (it’s open to the public, via zoom. The link to the tweet with the information is here.)

Attendees include ALU president Chris Smalls, vice-president, organizers, and more! The Conference was in relation to the 25 objections to the election held at JFK8 facility in Staten Island.

The Union won by over 500 votes, and Amazon filed TWENTY-FIVE objections to an election they very clearly lost. Furthermore, the subpoenaed the ENTIRE ALU leadership! Meaning, that due to a sequestration order, the Union leadership isn’t able to participate in the hearings, or bear witness to the entire proceeding, outside of their testimony.

Furthermore, they discuss how we can help… options include writing the Amazon board and telling them you support the ALU. Canceling your Prime membership, threatening to cancel with a letter or over the phone, attending rallies, sharing information on social media, boycotting Amazon, unionizing your own work place (and networking with people such as the ALU or Starbucks United who are already engaging in the struggle) as well as using the hashtags #RecognizeALU AND #HotLaborSummer

Local Starbucks activists also showed up to support the rally and to discuss organizing together in the future (Starbucks United has successfully organized OVER 150 STORES in 2022!)

Mr. Smalls also discussed work stoppages, organizing across companies and even across industries, and he kept saying a phrase familiar to most of us: Power to the People!

Check out the Labor Notes Conference in Chicago this weekend! Find it on Twitter @labornotes

Don’t forget to invite your friends!

Workers of the World, Unite!

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