Hello, comrades! Today, the FWAM staff sit down with former Dollar General store manager Mary Gundel. She was fired for posting on TikTok about poor working conditions with the #PutInATicket tag for tomorrow (2 May, 2022) walkout from noon-6:00 tomorrow. She’s also started a class action lawsuit and is currently fighting to unionize Dollar General.

So, in essence, this is a TikTok organized wildcat strike, and the bosses are shaking. They’ve cancelled all inventories for tomorrow, as well as putting out a conference call to managers about NOT retaliating against workers who participate in the walkout. This is an impressive showing of class solidarity!

The participants are calling for living wages, of course…but this goes deeper than the money issues. Managers have been calling attention to the acceptable labor hours being slashed drastically, across already short-staffed stores. On top of that, there’s stores with mold that gets ignored, many locations don’t have adequate air conditioning or heating in extreme temperatures, especially in the storage areas.

Any who wish to support the strikers may do so: the organizers only ask that people who aren’t employed by Dollar General to stay on public property, to avoid trespassing charges.

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This was an enlightening conversation, and we hope to check back in with her later this week or next to discuss how it went, what was accomplished, and what was learned.

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