First, we would like to take the opportunity to guide readers on what Thanksgiving represents, the history of “Thanksgiving” and why addressing it is an important step in decolonization.

To start off this piece, we’ll be showing a video from the All-African People’s Revolutionary Party called “Thankstaking & Amerikkkan Identity”

Next, we’ll be drawing attention to Indigenous Resistance in San Francisco, reclaiming Alcatraz Island for “UnThanksgiving”

“Since 1975, thousands have gathered on Alcatraz Island from near and far in a day of mourning for Indigenous people, also known as “Unthanksgiving Day.” Last year, just 70 trekked out at the break of dawn so everyone else could watch a live stream at home for the first time, safe from the prospect of coronavirus.”

We also would like to amplify decolonization efforts from Illahee Spirit Runners

(They can be found at the following links: )

“No Thanks” 2021:

Finally, we’d like to share an Indigenous Documentary, called “The Canary Effect” which is very relevant to the anti-colonial discussions we’re trying to foster here. We cannot understand or relate to the Indigenous struggle if we’re not listening to Indigenous voices!

Please, today, let’s remember our History, and move towards a more just system in our everyday lives. We need to move away from colonizer tendencies, and the best place to start is with so-called “Thanksgiving”

Also, keep an eye out later today for our piece commemorating the life and accomplishments of Fidel Castro!

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