We’ve been creating and posting a LOT of new material lately. It’s difficult for us to keep on at this pace, I’d imagine keeping up is difficult in general. We’re making this post as an easier means of sharing and catching up!

Eugene V Debs:

Emma Goldman: (btw, we’re also doing a series on “Anarchism and Other Essays” currently! Mondays at 8PM EDT)

AFL-CIO Origins and Merger:

And, of course, we can’t forget any of the Events that shaped the American and International left movements:

Of course, we’re always creating and posting new material! If you have any suggestions on topics to discuss or you want to be a part of any conversations, we’re always down to have new leftist voices on the show, and always down for input and advice!

Solidarity to all workers! Don’t forget to follow us on social media, share this post with your friends (or into groups) and check back often!

Workers of the world, Unite!


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